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The School Health and Nutrition (SHN) Network is an informal and voluntary based network of Child Health Division Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Department of Education Ministry of Education (DOE), bilateral and multilateral donors and nonprofit international/non governmental organizations (I/NGOs) committed to improve the health and nutritional status of school aged children in Nepal. The purpose of the SHN Network is to advocate and lobby for implementation and scaling up of the school health and nutrition programs, based on best practices, at central and local level, as per the National School Health and Nutrition Strategy approved by the Government.
The e-Newsletter of the National School Health and Nutrition Network, Volume 1, Issue 1
July 2010
Vol 1 Issue 1 (October 2009)

Presentations given on the 3rd National School Health And Nutrition workshop held on 21st of February
Revised Draft of Central level Joint Action Plan of Ministry of Health and Population and Ministry of Education (Five Year Plan for NFY2068 - 2072)
Presented by Rajya Laxmi Nakarmi, Deputy Director, DoE

Rationale for this workshop: Why mainstreaming SHN into national system?
Presented by Simone Galimberti, Coordinator of the SHN Network/ CCS Italy

Outline of the Mid-term Review of School Health and Nutrition Project in December, 2010
Presented by Mr. Raj Kumar Pokharel, Chief, Nutrition Section, CHD/DoHS

Call to Action for WASH in Schools!
Presented by Anna- Marie Guiney, Coordinator, UNICEF

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